Introduction - Naty: transvestite in Padua

I define myself as a "transvestite next door": I love the pure  femininity, innocent and simple like a natural girl.

I am a transvestite (or crossdresser) that means I don't have boobs, no aesthetic surgery, no silicone implants, no hormones therapy: all you see in my body is original and untouched.

I have a strong and atypical personality, different from stereotype of the classical transvestites "transgressive at any cost" that sometimes end in vulgarity.

My ambition is to be myself, create my own simple style but at the same time careful and precise in details, still keeping my nature to be a Lolita mischievous and passionate with my men.

  • Naty by night
  • my first makeup
  • selfie at mirror
  • evening in Sampa
  • at my office
  • kisses :-)


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